Thousands of years ago, an evil King woke up one morning and passed a cruel decree condemning newborn baby boys from a particular nationality to be killed on sight.His soldiers gleefully jumped at the chance to please their king and ruthlessly executed his orders. A terrified, poor young mother of a beautiful baby boy put her baby in a basket and sent him down the River Nile; a fast, powerful river more than 6,000 km long that snakes through multiple countries and is fraught with danger from predators to rapids and waterfalls. The baby, being too young to even feed himself is placed in a more dangerous predicament than the King’s cruel decree but what could the mother do? The basket is carried by the powerful river currents and ends up tied up in some reeds outside the King’s palace where his daughter was bathing. Astounded, she sends her maid to go bring her the basket and is left shell-shocked by the discovery. Being kind and gentle, she takes the baby inside her chambers and asks her maid to help find someone who can tend to the baby.

Her maid immediately goes out and seeks a woman she knows can help in this regard. Unknown to both of them, the maid brings the baby’s biological mother to help raise the child in the palace of the King who issues that cruel decree.So, the mother raises her child in absolute royalty and he ultimately became a Prince.Some things are completely beyond human understanding and that’s how God works. Everything you are going through, he uses to prepare you for something. That’s why scripture teaches us that everything works for good for those who love the Lord and are called to his purpose. We all have a purpose and our assignment is to discover that purpose. Many of us are not close to him so we rely a great deal on our strength and as such, we achieve very little.

In primary school, we had a church in school and mass I remember was actually a normal period every Tuesday.One of my favourite songs was,’Seek ye first the Kingdon of God’ which I really enjoyed as a song but never fully grasped its meaning.Now at 37 years of age, it’s amazing how much clearer I see things. He wants us to seek him for he knows all your other pressing needs. This is why we are taught in scripture to focus on things above.It’s all connected when you start to seek him for your level of understanding changes and your perspective completely transforms.How many of us as young men pray for wisdom before we make certain choices? An offer comes and the payslip is what changes your perspective or a woman with looks to die for comes along and all you want to do is to marry her.We don’t seek him and so we make horrible missteps and it pains him a great deal for he teaches us that he has plans not to harm you but to prosper you and give you hope and a future.

Today, wherever you are, as you read this, whatever you are going through be it financial, job-related, marital, physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological, I want you to seek him first for he knows you intimately. Stop relying on yourself for yours will forever be a life of toil. When you start to actively seek him, he reveals himself in such beautiful ways.Jobs come even when you are not looking, the correct people come into your life in the most unlikely of ways all with the aim of helping you fulfil your purpose. You don’t have to stand on a pedestal and pray to look religious, talk to him at your desk in the office or in the car in the morning or in your bedroom at home or on a lunchtime stroll and pour out your heart to him. Those conversations are priceless in your life will never be the same again.They are food for your soul.Hang in there for if you make it through the night, there’s always a brighter day to look forward to…

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