I have interacted with people of so many nationalities and ethnicities and the one thing that always left an impression on me was the person’s attitude. The attitude is the aroma of your heart, you speak forth what resides in your heart and as such, it is impossible to fake.It manifests itself so clearly, you cannot hide its true nature. You either have a good or bad attitude and the tragedy of it is it cannot be taught.

Every day when you get to work, the watchmen at the gate conduct their usual search before letting you proceed to the basement parking. However, there are specific watchmen who are always friendly, always smiling and always positive. They are not paid well by any measure and that job is not easy by any standards but their attitudes are amazing and you find yourself looking for ways to help them. Others have brooding demeanours, they begrudge you your success, they are rude and they slam the boot hard after searching. That malice stems from what lies in their heart and that is why they will never leave the basement.

They say men are creatures of habit. You have been going to your barber for like 5 years and the same car wash guy for years yet there are barbershops and car wash bays all over your town. The answer lies in their attitude. In a busy salon, you’ll notice that one barber is normally very busy, clients wait for him to finish even when others are free. Why is that? You find a client patiently waiting for his favourite car wash guy to be free even when his companions are free? Why is that? It’s all attitude and this is what takes the barber from cutting hair to owning a salon and the car guy from washing cars to owning his dealership.

In the corporate world, there are many who are full of spite, jealousy and malice. They can’t stand others being praised or complimented, they hate when others are promoted, they dislike seeing their colleagues in a happy marriage or living in a better suburb than they do. This all stems from the aroma in their heart which is a testament to their attitude. That is what keeps them angry, embittered and stationary, confined to a world of gossip and mediocrity.

If you go to your favourite restaurant, there’s always a waiter who’s different from everyone else. There are policemen in Kenya who love what they do despite our constant abuse of them, there are public service vehicle conductors who are always smiling and polite contrary to the image most of us have of them in our heads. That ability to smile in the midst of constant adversity and strife is deeply rooted in their attitudes. They will always go far in whatever they set out to do as blessings come from those around you who appreciate you and pray for you.

You cannot always view life from a glass half empty position, change your perspective and see the beauty that God has created all around you. Only you have the ability to change your attitude before it changes you forever.


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